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French in Business

Language Training for Professionals

Intensive French Courses

Are looking to learn French fast? Or maybe you are looking to improve your existing language skills to develop fluency and confidence in business and/or social environment? Whatever your requirements, our intensive French courses can quickly help you achieve your aim.

French for Business

We specialise in 1:1 or small group intensive courses where the client is specifically looking to use French in a business environment. For example, they may be:

• Dealing with French clients via email/phone
• Attending meetings/conferences
• Socialising with French clients
• A regular traveller
• Considering a secondment/ living in France.

We only use native French speaking language tutors who are experienced in teaching languages for business. The courses can take place at the clients offices, in Central London, or in Richmond, Surrey. Each intensive training day last 6 hours and we aim to use more than one tutor so that the client is immediately introduced to different accents.

Free Assessment

We offer a free language assessment helps us to assess the level of proficiency and any specific needs of the client and these are then built in to our language training courses. Our two most popular courses are:

2 Day ‘Quick Start’

These popular courses are designed for either beginners who are looking to ‘kick start’ their language training, prior to regular weekly language training. The courses are also ideal for those who have already studied French but may be a bit 'rusty'.

5/10 Day Full Intensive French

Our full intensive courses last a minimum of 5 days and are ideal for those who need to quickly gain an understanding in French. These intensive courses are ideal for clients who are about to undertake a project where some proficiency in the language is needed.
Please note that Intensive courses do not need to be on consecutive days, and they can be easily planned around the students work.

For more information on our intensive French courses, and a free language assessment, contact us today.

Intensive Training Summary

1. We offer a FREE French assessment of clients needs prior to training taking place.

2. Training carried out by experienced native French speaking language tutor.

3. Each intensive French training day lasts 6 hours.It is our standard practice to use more than one tutor.

4. Course can take place either at client offices, in Central London or Richmond, Surrey.

5. Intensive courses do not need to run on consecutive days.

‘Flexible and tailored to meet our needs, the course was extremely useful’. DB